The Buller Canyon Jet Boat Ride



Before your jet boating adventure starts, walk over New Zealands longest swingbridge. Built by the gold miners, It’s a massive 110 metres and crosses the mighty Buller River.

Chevy V8 powered jet boats

Once over the bridge climb aboard one of our Chevy powered V8 River Shark jet boats and brace yourself, you’re about to race through the world famous Buller Canyon at high speed in only 10 cm of water 


When the driver signals ,hang on tight, it’s time for one of those world famous famous Hamilton jet spins- smaller kids and oldies get seated tucked in the middle of the rows so no one misses out on the fun!

Earthquake rapid jet boating action

There is nothing more exciting than big rapids, tight canyons and large rocks and that's exactly what you get jet boating in the Buller Canyon. Feel the excitement of the big volume water as the  jet boat powers  its way through the Earthquake rapids where the river was blocked by boulders in the 1929 Murchison earthquake’s   your job is to hang on and dodge the spray!

And Relax

Enjoy the pristine waters of the Deepdale as you glide slowly on this side stream looking out for the Brown Trout and Buller Eels. Take some photo's and enjoy the bird song. With the water so clear it's like you're floating on air.

40,000,000 Years Old

The top section is where you can see the amazing 40,000,000 year old pink granite rock walls that form the shear sides of the canyon. While there look out for rafters and kayakers amongst the white water as they paddle out of the Ariki whitewater Shute on the mighty Buller River, New Zealand’s favourite water playground.


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